Find the right Space to get your job done
Schedule a time that works for you.
The Location Makes A Difference.

Great Space

We offer a place for your specific needs.

If you just need a place to get away to work for a few hours or if you need a complete office for you and your staff, we have you covered. We offer limited seating around the Collective for Day Pass Holders and Members, but we also have Dedicated Desks and Office Spaces that can accommodate your whole team. Our fully equipped Conference Rooms will help you brainstorm with your team, or Zoom in to meetings around the world with our cutting edge teleconferencing tech.


Great Location

There is no other place like Brookside around the Tulsa area.

From its walkability, to its access to the Gathering Place, to its proximity to Downtown Tulsa, Brookside is the place you want to be. Brookside Collective is in the heart of Brookside and is situated right in the middle of some of the best dining and shopping experiences in Tulsa. Live nearby? Hop on your bike and you could be at work in minutes. Wanna get there faster? Grab a Lime scooter and you’re here in no time at all! At Brookside Collective, you’re 10 minutes max from anywhere you need to be in Tulsa!



Great Community

At Brookside Collective, we strive to bring people together.

Our hope is that we can fill The Collective with an energy that encourages cooperation and inspires creativity. We chose Brookside as our home base because there is already a great and thriving community of residents and businesses that care about our city and one another. Find out more about how strong our community is by joining the Brookside Business Association. At Brookside Collective, we also host many family-friendly events throughout the summer at the Brookside Collective Park to strengthen our community as a whole.



The benefits of using a co-working space are compelling enough for 37.93% of small to medium sized businesses, 27.12% of startup teams and16.61% of freelancers to use them, according to Shared workspaces offer many benefits; here is a list of 11 ways these spaces are worthwhile. MORE