Who We Are & Why We Exist


The idea of coworking space is not new. However, it is new to the Brookside area in Tulsa. With the creation of Brookside Collective, we are embarking on Brookside’s first ever coworking space.

 Over the last 3 years, we have begun to make a name for ourselves by trying to help build community in Brookside through hosting events at our park for families and neighbors around our city. We have hosted everything from fitness events to animal adoptions to splash days to movie nights and much more. We have talked to our neighbors and new friends and have come to realize that community is one of the most important priorities in our city, so we wanted to find more ways to develop a community that cares for and supports one another. This is how the idea for the Brookside Collective coworking space was birthed.

As we work towards creating a physical building on our park property at 37th place and Peoria, we have acquired the top floor of the building next door to serve as a trial for what we expect to be the next model of small business and remote work in Brookside. While other for-profit businesses seek to make significant gains for investors, we at Brookside Collective want to develop a healthy community of professionals while offering dedicated desks and offices at a lower price point. This offers unparalleled accessibility to one of Tulsa’s fastest growing and most desirable business districts.


We are excited to offer many amenities to our members such as; highspeed internet access, free snacks and beverages, two well equipped conference rooms, free parking, mail service, a notary service and much more. Check out our pricing for the different levels of access and amenities offered at each level.


At Brookside Collective, we have access based on different membership levels. We offer everything from a basic membership that allows for daily access to the space and a limited access to many of our features to lockable office spaces that offer almost everything needed to run your own low overhead cost business.

Our Team

Our team is small but mighty. We are here to help in any way that we can to make you and your business a success.

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan



Matt is a Tulsa native and cares deeply for our city. As Pastor of Community Brookside and an active member in the Brookside Business Association, serving as its Vice President and now President, Matt is plugged into the heartbeat of our area. His vision of a diverse and radically welcoming community bleeds over into every area of his life. His vision of community is at the root of everything that Brookside Collective is and does.

Erika Maxey

Erika Maxey

Administrative Assistant


Erika is the backbone of The Collective. Erika’s job is to meet the needs of our growing membership and she does it with passion. Erika loves people and has been instrumental in helping dream Brookside Collective into a reality. Her heart for community shows up in how much she cares about what she does.